Saint Preuil
Grande champagne


Saint Preuil
Grande champagne

Nestled between woods and vineyards, Saint Preuil is one of the finest ambassadors of the Grande Champagne terroir, this appellation's premier cru.

Complex attention to detail and expertise goes into the successful ageing of this Grande Champagne blend.
Each of the three great vintages: 1990, 1996 et 2004 has been slowly matured in finely grained French oak barrels to allow the tannins to impregnate the colour and taste of the cognac.

The result is a complex and powerful cognac.
This Extra is one of the ultimate signatures of the Single Village collection.


  • Colour

    deep amber

  • Nose

    cigar box and cocoa

  • Taste

    exotic woods, nuts and mild spices

  • Body


Cognac cru

Grande champagne


La Guilde du Cognac - Saint-Preuil Extra will reveal its elegance and finesse in a tasting glass, at room temperature.