Saint Germain de Vibrac
Petite champagne


Saint Germain de Vibrac
Petite champagne

Saint-Germain-de-Vibrac is located on the wooded slopes of Petite Champagne. This chalky terroir provides the perfect conditions for producing fine and elegant cognacs.

Harvested in 2007, after a stormy summer, making the best wines scarce and sought after. The wines have been distilled ‘sur lie’, in a small copper pot still. The cognacs were then aged in wide-grain oak barrels, capturing all the essences of this village.


  • Colour

    light amber

  • Nose

    vanilla and sweet spices

  • Taste

    gingerbread and creamy notes

  • Body


Cognac cru

Petite champagne


Inspired by the classic Rob Roy cocktail, pour 50 ml Saint-Germain-de-Vibrac Single Village Cognac 2007 into a mixer filled with ice.

Add 15 ml La Quintinye Royal Blanc Vermouth and a touch of Angostura bitters. Stir with a teaspoon then pour into a cocktail glass, filtering out the ice.